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Adguard Premium 6 64-Bit torrent download

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Adguard Premium

Adguard as a program with all the features necessary for our experience best. Firstly, signaling advertisement. Adguard offers a complete Internet without perapynku.Glyaditse video you want to watch, so as not to interfere with the promotion, as well as web bannersfor Sun tons. Adguard you have the freedom to choose and keep the nerves.

It also provides a more secure location on the Internet: Website Load Warning dangerous speed, ensure privacy, and others. It works great with all browsers!

Adguard, she can?

Ad Blocking blocksall types of ads, filter quality traffic in the background. Ads are removed before loading the page in a browser.

Search safety. Protection against malicious websites and abuse. Adguard page content check using any harmful basis of our campaign to prevent datapotentially harmful requests.

Stealth mode, the module does not allow someone to track your activities on the Internet. Not your party cookies, IP-address Detentions and other features to protect your personal information.

Control batskov.Detsi online. Blocking access to inappropriatesites, except the device from the lazy and results.

After installing Adguard, you just get to the exit clean, safe and fast. It’s just a different vopytVeb surfing.

Why Adguard?

Adguard Premium 6