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AS SSD Benchmark jawad Torrent

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AS SSD Benchmark is a free program that determines the performance of a SSD on a computer or smart device. The tool contains no less than six separate synthetic tests and three copies of tests. These functions determine how well your hard drive works for you to allow you to determine which legalYou need drugs.

AS SSD Overview ({) {(“view-app-page-desktop”);)); Synthetic software tests define a sequence and read / return the characteristics of any solid state they recognize. What is important is that these tests are performed without the cache of the operating system in order to see the truethe painting. For example, in the “test sec” test, the software measures how much it takes to write and then read exactly 1 GB of files. The 4K test also measures the read and write performance when randomly selected memory blocks of 4 kb are selected. Another test customized way to read and write 4 KB data. Operationsare distributed in 64 themes. These tests should be the Native Command Kueuing (NCK) command on the hard disk such as: For example, the differences between the IDE mode (not supported by the NCC) and the AHCI mode.

Interface in ASD SSD BenchmarkAS SSD Benchmark is a technical software that is usefulfor the hardware professionals and in fact generates results. For this you can do many processes and tests easier to understand by comparing one device to another. At the end of the test series, three values ​​for the power of reading and writing semiconductor drives. Typical test resultscompressions are displayed in graphic format, making them easier to record. On charts, for example, the X axis shows the compressibility of legible data. The copying test, which can be accessed from the Benchmark Copiing menu, creates a series of test result pads. Computer cache to stayIncluded to get this test could be just reading. Numerous tests must show the performance of the device during reading and recording in different conditions. Another good test is a compression test that tests the performance of the hard drive as a data compression feature. One ofImportant disadvantages are that the user interface is only available in German, which can interfere with some users. It is therefore relatively easy to work on all functions without the experience of a linguist, and different screens are distributed in a reasonable way, so you know exactly what is happening.

SummarizeThis is a technical help that is useful only for computer engineers who want to diagnose computer problems. For example, you can determine whether the solid-state drive is responsible for slow operation or if there is a problem with another component on your computer.

AS SSD Benchmark