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Chrome is essentially an open source web browser project, which works as your browser’s Chrome base. The goal is to create a faster, more stable, and safer way for people to find the latest version of the Chromium version of the web browser option. If you use this browser, you will find in the new version is more stable, calm and able reliable. The main goal here is to make sure that there is no GUI lag. This program requiresthe least number of user and process interactions, you only Bug when it has potrebno.Google Chromium as a base but Chrome iuzbroyvae with some proprietary features like automatic updates and additional support for video formats. In other words, Google is building an open source browser in your Chrome browser and adding licensed codecs like AAC, MP3, and support; Adobe Flash plugin (function () {(“Reviev-app-desktop page”);}); OpenChrome ProjectChromeit first came to light in 2008. But we did not know whether it was open source software was released at the same time. Chromiumovaj supports open source projects. Google, and on the other hand, it supports Chrome. Chrome’s name may sound inspired, but you need to know that open source browsers are not branded by Google. However, this project is still Google-centric. For example, an open source Web browser includes attributessyncing with Chrome, which allows access to user zaregistravanyhprastoru with your Google account.