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Inception 2010 French Movie Torrent

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When a thief steals company secrets using honey exchange technology, the opposite of the implantation of ideas in the director’s mind is obtained.


Christopher Nolan Writer:

Christopher Nolan star:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page | Dom Cobb is a special thief, the most dangerous excavation, stealing valuable secrets from the subconscious during dreams, when the mind is the weakest. Cobb’s extraordinary abilities make him a lover in a new worlddangerous from corporate intelligence, but also makes it an international escape and spends it all. What he likes. Now Cobbu was offered the opportunity to redeem himself. The last job is a long life, but only if it can fulfill the impossible – to start. Instead of perfect robbery, Cobb and his expert team had to back down: their job was not to steal ideas about plants. If they succeed, this might be a perfect crime. However, nothingmature planning or expertise that can prepare the team for dangerous enemies that seem to influence their every move. The only singer Cobb can see the arrival.

Inception 2010