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Sometimes it’s simpler, the better. Probably, this is the motto inspired by LightShot programmers, very simple and easy to replace the screen, replacing the default PrtScr feature on Windows, and allowing you to create Sceen shots, but there are only two ways: full ekranabo chosen area by the user . As the picture, LightShot shows the bottom pattern and small at the bottom of the image with some of the features () {(«Revision Application Pages Desktop»);}); Youcan save the file to your computer, copy it to clipboard or cancel the recording, plus two more interesting options: zahavatsfota online free storage service is ideal for sharing with friends or unbelievably feature-rich online online devices LightShot program allows to work on the image in many ways, such as crops, barrels, dadanninovyya layers or even grinding filters and special effects. When done, you can easily save the file to your hard drive in JPG, BMP orA good substitute for the standard Windows features, PrtScr. He has an impressive editor, but there are more opportunities zaještanja.