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One thing about Windows is the time it takes the computer to transfer money from one place to another, or copy files over. I can now successfully use the tool that allows you to copy the files to Windows is a short and / or especially, when it will be for you to improve distribute to other (work () {( “app-desktop page) gigabytes;}}} and app will not be easy to use as a file eligereSis low power pulse move the power button to select the “TeraCopy”. the app starts a window where you can chooseThe author of the work folder (move, copy, test) .TeraCopy also be started only, in which case you need to drag and drop files you want to copy or app to the window. This method is not intuitive by the click-click on the list so that it takes time to menus and basic optionsut TeraCopy for example, and a huge number of files faster than a normal Windows file, the best ejection USB devices.

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